Q&A Mold and Mental Health

Q&A Mold and Mental Health

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  1. I have PMR. RA and other issues with my health.I live in apartment that does have mold.Been here 5 years.Had blood work done for mold.It was normal.I see anuerologist..and a rhumatologist.
    The maintence men bleached and painted under my kitchen sink which mold was on walls very bad.I took pics.
    Apartment complex eas built in the early 80’s
    Im eating healthy and feel better but still have depression .On antidepressants.
    My 80 year old neighbor has mold also.Always sick .
    Im 66.
    Glad I found rhis site on Facebook.

    1. I am glad you shared your story. Yes, autoimmune issues that you describe are often connected with mold toxicity. The first rule of therapy is always get away from mold. The longer you are exposed…the longer it takes to heal, but it is possible.
      Blessings, Dr. Potter

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