The Sanctuary Mold Guide: A Primer is born out of adversity- both professional and personal.  By professional, I mean the sacred duty of helping patients afflicted with the health complications of mold toxicity syndrome. By personal, I mean the sacred duty of walking with my family through our own story of mold toxicity syndrome.

For these reasons, I take mold personally.  It is both my professional and personal enemy.   It wreaks havoc in the lives of many of the patients for whom I care, and it has wreaked-havoc in the life of the people about whom I care the most– my wife and children.  While each person’s struggle with mold works along individual storylines, common threads abound – threads with which I am all too familiar.

The familiar threads confirm that mold toxicity holds a pervasive sway over people’s lives.  For those unable to effectively rid their body of mold toxins, years of addressing various health concerns leaves them exhausted in the face of another fight where each body system is a potential target and where environmental factors take on overwhelming significance. With all these things, my family and I are too familiar.

Like others, our family’s battle with mold has taken many forms, but for years we were unaware of the root source of the enemy. We searched out relief from symptoms with limited success. Mold as a root cause of our issues took years to uncover.

Because of my study and because of my family’s story, I now recognize the common threads of this enemy as I discuss symptoms with my patients…chronic fatigue, chronic autoimmune disease, intermittent allergy symptoms, mental brain fog, infertility, hormone dysfunction, hidden chronic infections, unexplained OCD symptoms, battles with intermittent depression, food intolerances and allergies, and others…. We have been touched by all of these and more.  Sound familiar? We know that this enemy has been a major contributor to our health and life story.

As one can see from the above, individual health threads can take time to put together. Often a multiplicity of such threads, especially in multiple family members, mean mold toxins may be at work.  Mold Toxicity can be a sneaky opponent.

Because mold is my family’s enemy, it is my enemy.   Because mold is my patient’s enemy, it is my enemy. Being thankful that God has allowed me to find the underlying cause of years of health issues in my family, at Sanctuary Functional Medicine, we are moving forward with helping others.  Alongside our patients, we are fighting mold and trusting God to continue working out restoration for each person and family affected by this illness.

When you read through this guide please be aware this issue touches my life both professionally and personally.