Pediatric Patients and Mold :  Children can suffer from mold toxicity syndrome just like adults.  It is more common in adults as they have had more time to accumulate higher levels of toxins, but children can be affected just as severely.

Like adults, they can develop the multi-symptom, multi-system CIRS, but because of developmental considerations, they often express different symptoms.  Both adults and children may present with multiple food sensitivities.  However, children tend to have more eczema symptoms from food triggers than adults. They may also present with more outright food refusals.   Both adults and children may present with psychiatric effects, but children experience more night terrors, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and personality changes.  Children may also present with Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) symptoms.  These result when their immune system attacks their nervous system leading the psychiatric symptoms just mentioned above. This creates the neurologic and psychiatric symptoms which frighten parents.  In other symptom presentations, the pediatric patient is similar to the adult patient and treatment includes the same basic detoxification approach with dosing adjustments for weight.