The word is spreading about mold’s effects on health.  Several stories made headlines describing how individuals and groups were affected by mold.  Some were just single moms.  Some were whole dorms full of college students.  If someone asks you how commonly mold affects health or if it is real, share these with them.

Family in a rental apartment:

Indiana University dorms:

University of Kansas:

University of Maryland evacuated 600 students from a dorm but one girl died:

Western Kentucky University:

Other Kentucky Universities:

Dream homes:

Post Hurricane Risk:


Yes, mold can make you sick, very sick.  Yes, we can help at Sanctuary.

2 thoughts on “Just Saying…About Mold”

  1. This article about the mother buying a home only to find out it had 20+ years of mold- resonates so much to my Mom’s situation that I forwarded it and begged her to read it. The drywall interior walls- are always a taboo question with “remediation” and air testing teams. The one wanted to do a suck and blow of all attic insulation- and insert foam. $6,000 I merely asked about the wall insulation, and he stuttered. They claim because the walls are not open that there is no way that mold in the wall will reach you. But, unfortunately nails, outlets, cable, wall sockets, and dry rotting, not to mention the hvac is a recipe for Hell. I got out of there with my life and my Son’s, my mother stayed and is dying. I hope this wakes her up. But unfortunately the decline for her was rapid. Thanks for the resources and confirmation that there can be affects from mold.

    1. You are welcome and you are correct, the VOC’s from molds can leak out of all the holes in walls. They also accumulate to higher levels over time given the “tightly built” nature of newer homes. Either all the mold needs to be removed or the ill individual needs to move out. Otherwise they continue with symptoms.
      Blessings, Dr. Potter

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