People wonder why mold toxicity has become increasingly frequent. Many have proposed explanations, but it is likely a combination of factors which underlies this growing .   First, as noted before, the number of toxins in the environment often overloads the body’s detoxification ability. Second, buildings, both new and old, present health hazards. New construction science which aims at airtight and energy efficient homes, often using lower quality materials, means that new homes are less safe than ever for their human inhabitants.  The older buildings, even with the best of intentions, degrade and can fill with mycotoxins as well.  Third, the overabundant, nutritionally deficient western diet does a poor job of supporting critical body functions like detoxification.   Fourth, Dr. Shoemaker theorizes that the widespread use of fungicides has triggered the development of fungi species which produce more toxins or toxins with greater potential for harm. Without knowing which factor or factors contribute the most impact, we simply know that we see an increasing number of patients suffering.